Frequently Asked Dental Questions:


FAQ | Extractions

Insurance Questions

What types of insurance plans do you accept?
We accept all PPO plans and offer 25% off for HMO and Medicaid

How do I know which type of plan I have?
Usually the type of plan you have is printed on your insurance card, however, some companies do not issue cards. If you have any confusion, call us now at 863-940-9991, we will be happy to call your insurance company for you and have your benefits ready for your first visit.

Do you accept HMO, Medicaid, or Medicare?
We do Not accept HMO, Medicaid plans, or Medicare HOWEVER, we have programs specifically designed that offer up to 25% off for participants of these plans.

How much will my insurance cover?
There are thousands of insurance companies all with unique offerings; at Lakeland Smile Experts we will call for you to help you determine your coverage benefits. A treatment coordinator will review your benefits with you on your first visit.


What is a healthy mouth cleaning?
A healthy mouth cleaning or prophylactic teeth cleaning is designed for patients free of periodontal disease and that do not have excessive build up on tooth surfaces.

What is a full mouth debridement?
A full mouth debridement “FMD” is a detailed cleaning that involves scaling and removing excessive amounts of calculus, tartar and plaque on the teeth surfaces. This procedure is usually done before a Healthy Mouth Cleaning for patients that have not kept up wit their regular dental care but usually have not progressed into periodontal disease.

How do I schedule a cleaning?
Call our office at 863-940-9991

Do you charge for copies of X-rays
Yes, by law a copy of your X-rays must remain on site; they are property of and belong to Modern Dental Care of Tampa Bay. To request a copy of your X-rays, call 863-940-9991. Only a patient can request copies of their own X-rays unless the patient first signs a release. All X-ray copies must first be reviewed by the doctor and then can be emailed directly to the patient, this service costs $25.00. Please give us a 48 hour notice for all X-ray/Chart requests.

FAQ – Financing

Do you have payment plans available?
Yes, we offer a variety of interest free payments plans up to 24 months with NO interest! We also offer extended payment plans that extend up to 60 months.

I can’t find pricing on your site?
It’s extremely difficult to post a menu of prices as they vary from patient to patient. Dentistry procedures can be complex and it can be extremely difficulty to quote you over the telephone. We will be happy to give you a price range over the telephone, however, we can not guarantee any pricing until proper X-rays and an examination are performed.


What should I do if my temporary crown falls off?
Don’t Panic! It is very important that you are seen within 1 to 2 days after if falls off, call us at 863-940-9991 immediately. In the meantime, you can visit your local CVS or Walgreens drugstore and purchase a product called “Temp-Off” or any other temporary material to temporarily cement until your appointment. If the temporary is broken, schedule with our office immediately to make you a new one(no cost).

My tooth hurts after my Crown Preparation appointment?
Call the office to schedule an easy 15 minute adjustment, It is possible that the ligament that surrounds your tooth is inflamed and can be irritated from the temporary sitting too high.

How do I clean my crown?
Brush and floss normally paying closer attention to cleaning around the margin of the crown, this is where the crown meets the gum-line.

My pre-existing crown fell off, can it be re-cemented?
Crowns usually fall of because bacteria has eaten away the tooth under the crown causing the seal to break and popping off the crown. This is not always the case though and it’s important that you call us immediately after any crown falls off. The risk of needing a root canal becomes much greater after you lose a crown.

How long will my new crown last?
How long your crown will last will depend on how well you clean and take care of it. The ADA usually rates the lifetime of crowns to last an average of 10 years, however, we have seen many well-taken care of crowns last 30 years plus.

FAQ | Fillings

Can my old metal filling be replaced with newer white tooth colored fillings?
YES, absolutely.

I just had some new fillings put in… is sensitivity normal after this procedure?
Slight sensitivity is normal after a filling procedure, however, when you bite your teeth together if you feel like you’re biting on the filling first and unevenly, call our office for a simple adjustment.

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