Dental Crowns or “Caps”

Dental Crowns are an excellent form of treatment for teeth that may have suffered cracks from stress or grinding, or currently already have large restorations in the tooth that may be failing. When a filling fails, dangerous bacteria and food particles enter under the old filling and grow without notice. This often happens with ZERO pain until the bacteria burrows it’s way to the center of your tooth where the nerve is located. Once the bacteria reaches the nerve, a tooth ache usually develops.

These tooth aches can be extremely severe in nature. The key to prevent toothaches is regular dental check-ups so that your Doctor can get to the bacteria before it has created extensive damage to your smile and teeth. The earlier your Doctor removes the bacteria, the less work will have to be done to your teeth.

There are many types of crowns that your Doctor may choose to have fabricated for you. At Lakeland Smile Experts, our doctors only use the best materials for our patients. In the majority of cases, our Doctors use porcelain crowns. This eliminates all metals from the crown and also allows for the most natural looking teeth available. This is ESPECIALLY important in the smile zone, which are the teeth that are visible when you smile. Porcelain crowns have the ability to be somewhat transparent, almost exactly identical to our natural teeth.

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