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When you develop a cavity, the decayed areas of the tooth must be removed. Cavities are caused when food is not properly cleaned from your teeth and in time will turn into a multiplying bacteria that produces a strong acid.


If the cavity(bacteria) is caught early enough it can be removed by your Lakeland Smile Expert Dentist. After the cavity is removed we will clean the contaminated area and prepped to be filled with a tooth colored filling.

Benefits of Dental Fillings – Tooth Colored

Recover up to 95% of tooth original strength.

Match natural tooth color and appearance.

We don’t use Amalgam fillings – the controversial metal.

Strong fillings and minimal invasive.

A dental filling is designed to seal a tooth and to eliminate bacteria from entering it. At Lakeland Smile Experts in Florida we recommend having regular check ups every 6 months.

This will give your Lakeland Smile Expert dentist the opportunity to catch any tooth decay early and in some cases the decay can be halted if caught early enough.

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