Painless Root Canal Treatment

With today’s technology, Root Canals are virtually painless. Root canal treatment (also called a root canal) is prescribed when a cavity has reached the nerve canal, infecting the nerve and has damaged the tooth.

During a root canal your dentist at Lakeland Smile Experts will remove the infected pulp and nerve from the tooth and fill the pulp cavity and canals with a sterile material that blocks bacteria from entering your bloodstream and jaw bone area.

A root canal is almost always accompanied with a crown. The Crown restores the tooth and seals it thus protecting the root canal.
With advances in technology, Root Canals can be performed with virtually no PAIN and have a 95% success rate.

Benefits of Painless Root Canal Treatment

Painless procedure.
Relieve pain caused by damaged nerve.
Keeps your natural tooth structure in place.
Protects your teeth.

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