Are you currently accepting new patients?

YES! We are always happy to grow our family with new patients. New patient appointments are available daily, call (863) 232-2271

How do I set up an appointment to see the doctor?

Setting up an appointment to see our doctor is easy. Call us at 863-940-9991 or click here to schedule a visit. A receptionist will return your call promptly and a verbal confirmation is necessary in order to keep the appointment. Be on the look out for a return call from our office to confirm.

I’m a new patient, what if I can’t make my scheduled appointment?

If this is your first visit to our office, simply call 863-940-9991 and the receptionist will re-schedule you up to two times. If you miss more than two appointments they may see you on a walk-in basis.

I’m already a patient, what if I can’t make my scheduled appointment?

Please call our office 48 hours before your scheduled appointment to re-schedule your visit. We understand that occasionally emergencies arise, therefore: Our broken appointment fee is $40 and will be waived as a courtesy one time.


Make an Appointment

Make an Appointment