Night Guard

Do you grind your teeth? You’re not alone! More than 40 million Americans struggle with this condition, also known as bruxism, or clenching together the upper and lower teeth. At Lakeland Smile Experts we want to take care of your teeth and avoid at all cost the risk of a tooth fracture. Grinding your teeth will add unintended pressure on the muscles and tissues of your jaw and that can result in jaw point disorders.

Other problems that can be caused by grinding your teeth


Jaw Pain

Neck Pain

* All these symptoms can be lumped together as “TM” problems or a medical condition known as Temporomandibular.

What causes teeth grinding?




Sleep Problems

*you might be a grinder and don’t realize it. you may do it while you’re sleeping.

How do I stop it?

If you cut down on your stress level during your daytime hours, your grinding may decrease. But, while you’re working on your stress problem, you will need a night mouth guard in order to protect your teeth and beautiful smile.

Benefits of using a night mouth guard

Lower Stress Levels3

Unnecessary pressure is directed to your mouthguard.

Experience less headaches and toothaches.

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