Let’s face it, when we talk about root canals you automatically think about a painful procedure. At Lakeland Smile Experts we have a Painless Root Canal Treatment Procedure.
In order to put your mind at ease and help you during your next visit to your local dentist at Lakeland we present you 5 Myths about Root Canals.

Pain goes away immediately after the Root Canal procedure.

After your root canal procedure is performed you will experience a significant improvement. If your tooth is sensitive during the next days is practically normal and the use of painkillers can help.
– This Myth is : False

The Root Canal procedure will kill my tooth.

The root canal cleans the infected area inside the tooth, and allows it to heal. Your tooth wouldn’t die.
– This Myth is : False

The Root Canal procedure requires several appointments to be performed.

Nowadays a root canal may take between one or two hours if there is no complication.The number of appointments usually depends on the condition of the tooth.
– This Myth is : False

The Benefits of Root Canal are Tremendous.

Saving your tooth with a root canal has several advantages:

– Natural Appearance.
– Efficient Chewing.
– This Myth is : True


Dental Crowns causes root canals.

Crowns are the recommended treatment for cracked tooth and often will prevent the need for a root canal.
– This Myth is : False

If you have more questions about the Painless Root Canal Procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-994-5782 to schedule your appointment.

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